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#MUMIFE / Top 5 Mum Hack's (Collaboration)

Mumlife hacks

Good morning sweet wild flower!

Life can be super busy. Were so caught up in trying to get ontop of everything it can sometimes seem like were facing a HUGE task. I often find that if I don't put the washing machine on for just one day then it all gets on top of me and I feel like im often sinking under.
So while it's imprtant to realise that no, we cant do it all but we like to try, so i've collaborated with the gorgeous Bunny from Glowmama to bring you our top five mum life hacks to try and make your life a little more easier.

This may seem like an obvius one but I know that for us, mornings are a struggle. If we can save five minutes in the morning by not standing in the kitchen and trying to think what to pack for school and kindy lunch then i'm all for it.
So pack lunches the night before and refrigerate. Some things that you may need to do in the morning are sandwhiches so they aren't stale and some fruits. The majority of things are ready to go. In the mornings simply put the lunchbox into the bag and away you go. If i don't do this every night and have to do it in the morning I often feel like my day is all out of whack because of it.

My least favourite hosuehold chore is washing. I hate that you have to wash, hang it out to dry, fold and put away only to see the same clothes in the wash again a week later.
Put a washing basket in each bedroom and bathroom of your hosue. Before you go to bed tip it all into the machine ready to go. If your machine has a delayed start button then set it for 9 hours or so, so that it automaticaly turns on. If not simply switch it on in the morning.

Mum hacks
Prevents doors from closing. Also will
hold cupboards shut.

Babies are sneaky creatures. Once they become mobile they can get into everything and if your not prepared then they can easily get their fingers jammed.
Recently my wee Noah has started to open and close cupboards. It is not only annoying but I worry about his fingers. Something I worked out that will stop those cupboards from opening for a few days until you get more permanent baby proofing is if you take your hair tie and loop it in a figure eight between the two handles. No more opening!

I live of the motto - 'Its never to early to prep dinner' and im going to let you in on a secret. Quite often you will find me prepping the veges for dinner and getting everything ready for dinner at 10am. It saves my sanity at the end of the day when everyone is tired and grumpy.

Mum hacks
with winter bugs around sometimes we need a little help from the doctors to get on top of them. If your children are on antibiotics and sometimes we forget if we've given them their medicine then simply write a chart like this on the back of the bottle and cross it off as you go. This is also handy if your husband asks if the children have had their medication he can administer it and mark it off. Communication is key!

What are your favourite mum hacks that get you through motherhood?

Go check out Bunny's post now and see what she has to add to this list!

Lipstick and love! X

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